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  • 12 Inventions In Development, That’ll Change Life As We Know It

    The future has promised us hoverboards, flying cars, unlimited energy, and nearly everything else – but where are all of our life-changing gizmos now that we really need them? It turns out that they’re a lot closer than you may think.

  • 15 Little Known Psychological Conditions That Are Terrifying

    When you think of psychology or psychotherapy one name comes to mind, Freud but did you know almost all of what Freud said has since been disproven? Psychology is a relatively new and evolving practice within the catalog of modern medical specialties, it seems that every few years the definitions and diagnosis of mental disorders change. And some of these disorders are truly terrifying.

  • 9 Insanely Large Drug Busts That’ll Blow Your Mind

    Billions of dollars are made off illegal drug trade and billions are spent every year combating the illegal drug trade. Here are 9 of the largest drug busts that have happened around the world. The weight of drugs in tons and huge sums of money seized will surprise you.

  • 12 Hangover Remedies Backed by Science to Bring You Back to Life

    Source: howlatthemoon Many people have experienced the unfortunate effects of drinking too much alcohol. An uneasy stomach, a pounding headache, and a dry mouth can all occur after an evening of too much imbibing. There are, however, several remedies that can help alleviate some of these unpleasant symptoms. The following are 12 tips for hangover […]

  • 17 Hilarious Parenting Fails: Some People Just Shouldn’t Have Kids

    These 17 parents are just the worst. Their decision making skills are seriously flawed. I mean, seriously did you not know that you shouldn’t give your kid a gun or that if their 3 they probably shouldn’t be doing a keg stand? Get it together, parents… Source: everydayfunnyfunny Umm… Did you forget that your kid […]

  • The 14 Worst Meals You Can Order At A Restaurant

    We all like to eat out from time to time, but do we really know what we are getting into. Some of the meals we eat are shockingly bad for you; like how can you fit that many calories into one dish? So here are the 14 worst foods you can order at a restaurant […]