• Girls Using Tinder To Get Guys to Buy Them Pizza

    Just imagine it, you’re sitting at home and talking to your Tinder crush when all of a sudden she says she has to ask you something. She types you a message asking for pizza, and while you’re kind of confused as to why, you do it because you want this girl to keep talking to you no matter what. If this has happened to you: congratulations, you have officially taken part in the Tinder Games. But not as the winner.

  • 15 Little Known Psychological Conditions That Are Terrifying

    When you think of psychology or psychotherapy one name comes to mind, Freud but did you know almost all of what Freud said has since been disproven? Psychology is a relatively new and evolving practice within the catalog of modern medical specialties, it seems that every few years the definitions and diagnosis of mental disorders change. And some of these disorders are truly terrifying.

  • 10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    Bored, want to learn something new, or need a watercooler factoid to talk about at the office? Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know that are completely true.