9 Steps to Living a Miley Cyrus Life

What makes Miley Cyrus successful ? Here are 9 steps to living a Miley Cyrus life:


Source: fanpop



Source: fanpop

1. First Miley Cyrus knows what her fans want. Shirley Halprin an editor from the Hollywood

Reporter says she has street smarts and know what her fans want to hear in terms of

music and image. She built her reputation as a tween squeaky clean Disney celebrity

early in her career then changed her image over time gradually.



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2. She has the courage to try new experiences and accept the conflict between her old

image as Hannah Montana and what she strives to become. When she turned 17 she

went skydiving and to a tattoo shop with a writer from Rolling Stone Magazine. The

changes actually began when she filmed the comedy LOL with Demi Moore.



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3. When making this film LOL she was alone and on her own. She learned how to transform

her image and became more hip hop. When in Detroit she went to night clubs alone.

Miley learned to take risks working with Demi Moore.



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4. Gradually she changed her image with a new contemporary haircut. It was a super short

sexy platinum blond look that changed the way she looked. Image is an important part of

marketing a product or person.



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5. Another factor is Cyrus is willing to make mistakes to succeed and endure failure. She

has been criticized for suggestive music videos, and some of the crazy things she says.

Still Miley seems to be with it and knows what she is doing and why. Knowing the art of

transition is a skill she has. She says its not transition its growth, change and movement

which she thrives on as a creative professional.



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6. Miley is close to her mother. She says when I win my mother wins. She helps me cope

with the stress of performing. Her mother is there for her through good and bad and other

family members. She has a good support system.



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7. Cyrus has a mentor named Pharrell Williams She suggested that Wiley change her image

and cut her hair. Don’t forget that her godmother is Dolly Parton and her father is Billy

Ray Cyrus. That is part of what shapes her strategy.



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8. Miley is detailed oriented and very strategic in planning her career. Everything she does

when performing has to be a grand moment so the details are important.I can’t let little

failures get to me she says.


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9. Finally, she has the ability to keep reinventing herself like Madonna. Some fans and

critics say she has copied many of her strategies. Her rebranding of herself was gradual

but she has rebuilt her image as a sex symbol. She is filling a need in the market for her

age with her image and music. The main challenge to the rebranding is will it last and

keep working over the years.