• Celebrity Wives: Then and Now

    Celebrity wives have a much more notable role than just looking gorgeous on the red carpet, in fact they have an inseparable part of their famous husbands’ success. In an era where people have become more and more cynical about love and the concept of ‘forever after’ seems to fade away by the day, it’s […]

  • 13 Famous Celebrities As Real Life Disney Princesses

    This freelance graphic designer turns his fan art into amazing Disney posters. By combining a group of different photos, Thomas Kurniawan has made different high profile celebrities into your favorite Disney princess. Here are 13 reimagined movie posters if Disney created live-action films.

  • Then & Now: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Transformation

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have grown on up on television. Starting out their days on Full House to eventually becoming fashion icons of today. Click to see their humble beginnings, to famous actresses and onto successful designers that are worth billions. Can you tell the difference between the two?

  • 9 Steps to Living a Miley Cyrus Life

    What makes Miley Cyrus successful ? Here are 9 steps to living a Miley Cyrus life: Source: fanpop   Source: fanpop 1. First Miley Cyrus knows what her fans want. Shirley Halprin an editor from the Hollywood Reporter says she has street smarts and know what her fans want to hear in terms of music […]