8 High Tech Gadgets Your Office Needs

High Tech Office Gadgets

Source: GeekAlerts

Technology is constantly changing the way we live and work with the goal of working smarter not harder, but even so, not every new device is super exciting. Efficient? Sure. Practical? You bet. Reliable? That’s debatable. But what about fun? Here are eight quirky, fairly new electronic office gizmos that promise a lot. However, in the end, they aren’t necessary to have to do a job well. We just like them because they are cool.

The Emperor 200

Emperor 200

Source: GeekAlerts

All this for $49,150.

While some may see this device as the ultimate gaming station, the intent of the product was to be used by a busy CEO. If you were to order the Emperor 200, (and really, what is stopping you?), it would be built to your specifications.

The futuristic computer workstation features a touch screen “control center,” an air filtering system with climate control, light therapy, and electric powered leather seat and screen size of your preference up to three foot by 27 inches. The sound is controlled by Bose Companion 5 audio system.

With this ergonomic workstation, you can control the armrest height, leg rest, the placement of the monitor and more to your comfort level. The only restriction is that it has a capacity limit of 350 lbs. maximum.

All this for $49,150.

Laser Projected Keyboard

Laser Projected Keyboard

Source: Wicked-Gadgets

The Laser Projection Keyboard is already getting a lot of attention.

The keyboard looks like something you have seen in various science fiction action movies, allows the user to type practically anywhere and on any surface ans long as it’s flat.

The green laser projection is easy to see and “advanced optics track[s] your fingers like magic” with the Bluetooth technology. The keyboard is compatible with computers, smartphones, tablet and other devices and is said to pair easily to them as well.

The keyboard comes with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery that will run for up to two hours in-between charging.

You can find this project at Brookstone with a starting price of $119.99.

Nappak Portable Sleeping Pod

Travel Nap Pod

Source: TechBlog

The Nappak expands as it unfolds for quick set up.

While the Nappak product is definitely functional, the inner child in you will want one just to play in. Unfortunately, if you are not the CEO of your company, your boss may frown upon you using one for nap time.

Reminiscent of a prop from a 1960’s James Bond film, the Nappak expands as it unfolds for quick set up. The white translucent material offers a calming and relaxing atmosphere. When not is use, it rolls up into a tight, small space.

You can order one here, but you’ll have to translate the page as it is in German.

Pano Touch Screen Desk

Touch Screen Desk

Source: BitRebels

Another concept seen in a number of movies is the Touchscreen Desk, but it is a product that you can own yourself – if you’re rich.

The Pano Touchscreen Desk features a 100-inch touchscreen with a chemically strengthened glass top and is powered by an Intel® Quad Core i7 4770® (3.4GHz) with Hyperthreading®, 8MB cache computer with 16GB of RAM, and dual 500GB HDDs and if you understand what any of that is, you are doing better than me.

Built with a computer workstation and upgraded Yamaha speakers, many employees can operate the desk at the same.

Although the price isn’t listed on the website, expect to pay around $10,000 or more for the product.

Stamina Elliptical Trainer

Stamina Elliptical Trainer

Source: TheGadgetFlow

Don’t have time to work and work out?

Try out the Stamina Elliptical Trainer. The company has a few models to choose from that are small, lightweight and fit neatly under your desk so that you can get some much-needed exercise without breaking a sweat or leaving your office.

The device is made from steel and features non-slip pedals and an electronic fitness monitor to show you how many calories you’ve burned, a total number of strides take, how long you’ve exercised and more.

Each device weighs anywhere from 24 to 31 lbs., so while it may not be the lightest thing to lug around with you, it’s not impossible.

The price ranges from $179 to $200 depending on the size and features that you want.

Desktop LED Clock Fan

Clock Fan

Source: DailyGadgets

You can read the time while staying cool, but here’s the catch, you need to have the fan running to see the time.

Right about now, you might be thinking, “If I was to get one of those compact elliptical trainers, how can I work without getting all sweaty?” We’ve got another gadget that will fit the bill. The LED desktop clock fan is a multi-tasker, just like you.

You can read the time while staying cool, but here’s the catch, you need to have the fan running to see the time.

You see, The blades feature red and green lights that line up when running. It is USB powered, comes with two settings, can angle up or down, and has a brushless motor to ensure a long lifespan.

It can be found at many retailers for about $25.

Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

Wireless Page To TV Magnifier

Source: GadgetFlow

Why use a pair of reading glasses when you can use an electronic gadget for about twice the price?

Because you can. The Wireless Page to TV Magnifier (I swear that is its full name) shaped like a computer mouse that you drive over your reading material.

The device allows you to enlarge text up to 70 times it’s original size and view it on your TV screen. And depending on your preferences, you can see the type as black on white background, white on a black background or in color.

The retail price of the product runs about $150 and found at Hammacher Schlemmer.

VuPoint Magic Wand II Portable Scanner

Wi-Fi Scanner Wand

Source: PCMag

The scanner is lightweight too, so you can take it anywhere

The VuPoint Magic Wand II Portable Scanner allows you to scan just about anything quickly and easily. The one-inch display provides high-speed scans in either black and white or color, transfers information via Wi-Fi, has an image resolution of 300-900 dpi in both JPEG and PDF output formats and uses just two AA batteries.

The scanner is lightweight too, so you can take it anywhere – like camping. How many times have you asked yourself, “I wish I had a lightweight scanner with me so I could scan this tree?” Now you can. It sells for about $129.