• Top 21 Hilarious Chalkboard Restaurant Signs

    We’re all tired of the typical billboard sign and numbed to advertising. So local restaurants have to be creative to get you in their doors. When they put out that chalkboard sign, they need to grab your attention. These are the 21 best chalkboard restaurant signs you will ever come across.

  • 15 People Who Have No Idea How To Gym

    Nobody wants to admit that they don’t know how you are supposed to use a particular piece of equipment. How many times have you tried an exercise only to see how you were doing it wrong later on? Still, if people always asked for help when attending the gym, then we wouldn’t have such great photos and gifs to laugh at. People who don’t know how to gym – we salute you.

  • Then & Now: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Transformation

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have grown on up on television. Starting out their days on Full House to eventually becoming fashion icons of today. Click to see their humble beginnings, to famous actresses and onto successful designers that are worth billions. Can you tell the difference between the two?

  • 16 Worst Homemade Halloween Costumes

    If you want a really nice Halloween costume, you really have to shell out a lot of dough. It’s no wonder that so many people create their own costumes. Sometimes people come up with some really clever and well thought out ideas. These are not them.